Sarah Scout Presents, 2019

I don’t believe in ghosts – but I’ve seen a few. Over the past short while I’ve been haunted by people (dead and alive), by objects and artworks…but mostly by myself. While undertaking a residency in Taipei, isolation got the better of me, so I left, escaping to a prison island. In Hill End, I was sharing a cottage with someone I never saw, but I did see a man drink a pint of his own blood.

Thank you to the following that gifted their personal materials and objects to contribute to making Rubble in this exhibition:

Darcey Bella Arnold, Brooke Babington, Boe-lin Bastian, Jessie Boylan, Sophie Brown, Ellie Chalmers-Robinson, Renee Cosgrave, Christo Crocker, Zoey Dawson, Ryan Hancock, Christopher L.G Hill, Tamsen Hopkinson, Rebecca Joseph, Neika Lehman, Anna McCarthy, David Mutch, Shae Nagorcka, Noriko Nakamura, Grant Nimmo, Henry Tan, Amelia Winata and Kalinda Vary

And thanks to Asialink in conjunction with Kuandu Museum of fine Arts, Taipei and The Regional Art Gallery of Bathurst for the opportunity to undertake residencies with you.

Paintings by John (Jack) Edward Fry (1908-1986) and Marjorie Jessie Cullen (1922 – 2012) - A grandparent from each side.

Photography by Christo Crocker