Curated & Facilitated Projects
Projects Curated and Facilitated by Adam John Cullen

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Tentacles (BKK) X TCB Art Inc.
Common Traces

Exhibition of five emerging Thai Artists held at TCB Art Inc. 2019

Nanut Thanapornrapee, Napisa Leelasuphapong, Pam Virada, Rawiruj Suradin and Saksit Khunkitti. (photos: Saksit Khunkitti)

Gertrude Contemporary Studio Shows
Solo exhibitons held in studio 13, Gertrude Contemporary, Fitzroy, 2017

Renee Cosgrave (photos: Christo Crocker)
Virginia Overell (photos: Artist)

Aperto X TCB Art Inc.
Cabal held at Aperto Gallery, Montpellier, France, 2016

Georgina Criddle, Christo Crocker, Adam John Cullen, Debris Facility, Ry Haskings, Anna Higgins, Matt Hinkley, Tamsen Hopkinson, Lucina Lane, Noriko Nakamura, Charles O’Loughlin and Kalinda Vary

Kia Ora
Private residence, Melbourne, 2015

Jessica Au, Christo Crocker, Adam John Cullen, Rebecca Joseph, Noriko Nakamura and Virginia Overell (Photos: Christo Crocker)