TCB Art Inc. Melbourne 2014

Settle is the result of materials moving through space, being extracted, exchanged and transported from factories and refineries around the globe, from port to port and shop to shop. At one point or another they were bought, found, gifted or stolen by Adam and taken to his studio where they were blended, melted, coloured and mixed together and pored into an array of vases (mostly from Northcote Plaza’s variety stores). Once they settled and solidified, taking on the form of the vase, the vessel was broken revealing a formation of materials manipulated together.

Settle was made with; Agate, Aluminium Edging, Ashtrays, Bamboo Chopsticks, Bees Wax, Carnauba Wax, Chicken Wire, Chrystal, Cling Wrap, Coins, Concrete, Cristagalli Shell, Emus Egg, Figurines, Fine Bone China, Foil, Glass, Gold Plated Chain, Lino, Magnetic Hematite, Marbles, Paraffin Wax, Pillowcases, Pottery Plaster, Resin, Sand, Sheets, Stones & Tiles.