Diggings - BACC, Brighton, biannual emerging artist exhibiton

Empty plinths sit strategically on manicured grass, concrete bowlingball-esk shapes run the ridge of a staircase, modernist sculptures sit quietly along a winding path, rose gardens filled with an array of species gifted by the acquaintances of past councillors lie in-wait for the next season to bloom.

Walking the lawns of the council buildings for the first time, I noticed a few things; they are pristine, neat and ordered, strangely ordered but not strange as in; simply that they are very ordered, but strange as in; they are structured and seemingly has a purpose. But what their purpose is remains unclear. I would assume there have been many meetings solely dedicated to the lawns over the last 100 years or more. Now, no one remembers why a certain thing is the way it is, or why a certain thing is not that way, it now, simply, just is.

These objects are made from past decisions, failings, trials and errors. They’ve been re-purposed and for the mean time presented as ‘finished’, of course they aren’t, they will soon be moved along and become part of another project. They are past works, blended together, cut up and redivided to form a base to deliver a message. They are a plinth for a vase, an instillation, a grouping of materials in a gallery and a past thought. For now, they are a structured group, presenting a facade, you will never know what exactly they are made from, to be honest I don’t either, they are a visualisation of an idea, you can step back and watch it, if you feel like.

Photography by Christo Crocker